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5 Steps to the Ultimate Call to Action Button

We recently read a great post written by Jerry Cao, who put together strong UX (user experience) tips to remind us of what matters when it comes to call-to-action buttons. Since we work with them everyday with our clients, we thought this might be useful to our readers as they consider what to do for their next call to action.

Below are some highlights, but make sure to read the whole thing here:

 1.  COLORS: The reason we consumer marketers want you to make your buttons “ugly” is to make them stand out, rather than blend in.

ProTips: Red and Green look the same to color blind people, so don’t put them together.  See swatch further below to correlate color with your target audience or objective.

2.  PLACEMENT: Where you put your button matters. Two letters to remember: F and Z

3.  SIZE: If you can see the SIGN UP on your button, you’ll get a lot more clicks.

4. ROUNDED RECTANGLES: Believe it or not, rounding the corners of those rectangles increases response!

5.  FLOATING ACTION BUTTONS (FABs): Mixed reviews. Read why!