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8 Steps to A Super Successful Public Outreach Campaign, or Thanks, Twitter

I was recently involved in a city-wide campaign orchestrated by San Francisco Transit Riders that got the attention of 30+ media outlets, and may have changed our politician’s relationship to our local public transit, affectionately, if generically, called Muni. We could not have done this without Twitter, our supporter, our advocate, our viral marketing friend. Please use the steps outlined below to help build your own  public outreach campaign primarily with social media and volunteers.

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This just in. One Audience Development strategy doesn't fit all.

Henry Ford used to say “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black”. This ‘one size fits all’ approach is pretty much how most websites treat their traffic. And just like automobiles moved from black to “many colors available” options, it’s time that marketers implement targeted approaches for the various sources of website visits.

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Public Outreach That Works--5 New Rules

Public outreach is changing. People are more and more busy, and are more and more connected to digital devices, be they mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, or laptops. You are more likely to bump into them on the street as they read their email, and less likely to greet each other, since you are doing the same thing. 

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