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6 Take-Aways from the Digital Dashboard - 1st Half 2016

The Digital Magazine Dashboard for the period ending June 30, 2016 has gone topsy turvy. While 
there has been some change in absolute numbers, the big change is in how they are being reported. Read below for 6 Top Take-aways, and as always, download here to get all the juicy details in the First Half 2016 Digital Magazine Dashboard.

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8 Steps to A Super Successful Public Outreach Campaign, or Thanks, Twitter

I was recently involved in a city-wide campaign orchestrated by San Francisco Transit Riders that got the attention of 30+ media outlets, and may have changed our politician’s relationship to our local public transit, affectionately, if generically, called Muni. We could not have done this without Twitter, our supporter, our advocate, our viral marketing friend. Please use the steps outlined below to help build your own  public outreach campaign primarily with social media and volunteers.

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One-Click Mobile Payment Options

The increasing penetration of smartphones (and to some degree tablets) in the US market means that now, more than ever, your next customer is just one click away – from placing an order ORabandoning your cart. You can increase your chances of success by incorporating “one-click” type ordering options on your order pages. Here are a couple of ways you can do it.

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Holiday Emails: A Lesson in Relevance

It’s a mantra of email marketing that relevance is the key attribute to getting your emails opened by your recipients. Unlike many of the shiny new objects or truisms that seem to arise every day, this particular mantra is true. Your email messages and promotions must be perceived as useful, or at least applicable, to your recipients to avoid having your messages marked as spam, deleted without being opened or having your recipients unsubscribe from them completely.

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5 Ideas that Work to Convert Downloads to Paid Apps

Peter Kafka of Re/code noted recently, “46 of the 50 top-grossing apps in the Apple App Store are free and supported by in-app purchases, functionality or content that can be purchased from within the app. This number has been growing over time, and none of the Top 10 apps (by total gross) are charged for upfront.”

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Your Landing Pages Deserve a Little TLC

Do you believe there is truth in that old English proverb, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Whether or not you believe it’s true, when it comes to landing pages it MOST DEFINITELY is not. Indeed, the sole job of the landing page is just thatto get the “horse to drink”.

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